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How to view Stereo movie
Although it is the same principle as the stereograph which looks at the image the object for right eyes, and for left eyes by each eye, since stereo movie (3D movie) has a motion in an image, it cannot be seen with the photograph printed like a still picture. It is the quick method which is seen on the display of a personal computer. This web explains focusing on seeing on the display of a personal computer.
The kind of the display method
1. Parallel eye method An image on either side is lined up side-by-side. The image for right eyes becomes right-hand side, and the image for left eyes has become left-hand side. They are the foundations of stereoscopical viewing by the naked eye. The whole of this 3-d movies of Web are this form. It is convertible for the following various display methods by software.
2. Cross eye method The left and the right of the images of Parallel eye method are replaced. Since a look crosses, it can see by the naked eye also with a big image.
3. Anaglyph It is what changed and piled up the color tone of an image on either side, and appreciates with anaglyphic glasses.

How to view Parallel eye
Parallele I t is the figure of an parallel method. By the parallel method, a left-hand side image is seen by the left eye, and a right-hand side image is seen by the right eye. The more nearly first one gets used several 10cm from a display, and looks at back from a display. Probably, a look may be slowly turned to a display, looking at the wall which is actually in back from the upper end of a display. Even if it has faded at first, it is visible clearly. The image of middle is a stereo image if an image is visible to three. In Windows Meia Player, if it is made small to the size to which the size of a screen is made as for parallel view, it will succeed. It looks well, even if a grain looks at a distant place, it feels it, it comes out of an eye and it opens an eye slowly. When it is looking without straining oneself even if an image fades and appears at first, it comes to be visible clearly.
Practice of an parallel viewing
Please practice by the lower picture. If a lower still picture looks nice to a solid, please enjoy the image which moves to the page of the stereo movies and has a motion. Although the distance of both eyes is usually said to be about 65 to 70mm, and it is hard coming to conclude that the size of the picture of two sheets is larger than both-eyes distance by the parallel viewing, a big picture also comes to be visible if it practices.
It is important to level the position of both eyes. It does not look well if a face is leaned.
Image of an parallel viewing. It is a 320x120-pixels picture. Please practice with this still picture.
It will be a success if a downward big fish is seen to the front. It is the cross viewing if it seems that a downward fish is visible to the back.

How to view cross eye
Cross Image of cross-eyed viewing
In the cross eyed viewing, a right side image is seen by the left eye, and a left side image is seen by the right eye. A look crosses before a display. It is the so-called slippage eye. The cross eyed viewing can be seen also by the big picture.
Since the cross eyed viewing is seen by the slippage eye, if it upraises your finger between the display and your eye and a fingertip is gazed at, it will come together, and it becomes an eye. Your finger is moved forward and backward and it is made visible to three. The image of middle is a solid image among the images which are visible to three.
Practice of the cross-eyed viewing
Practice of the cross eyed viewing The picture of the cross eyed viewing is 640x240 pixels. Since it is made the larger picture than an parallel, powerful stereo viewing is made. Please practice with a lower still picture.
Please enjoy the stereo movies page of practice enough with a still picture. If stereo viewing of a still picture is not made, I will think that stereo viewing of an movie is difficult.

How to view anaglyph
You can see on a solid, if anagliph is seen with red-blue glasses. Red is used for a left eye and blue is used for a right eye. If you do not have red-blue glasses, even if you apply color cellophane to each of right-and-left both eyes, you can see. Color cellophane can be stuck on pasteboard and glasses can also be made. Cyan color can see blue finely rather than deep blue.
The anaglyph movie is 320x240 pixels in size.

How to make red-blue glasses is here.